FNF Week 7

All music lovers – meet the latest level of the popular rhythm game on this site. The development of the original plot, new antagonists and songs and the exciting battles – everything that you can find in this Friday Night Funkin version.

Your main aim is to beat all your opponents in the rap battles. You play as a blue haired boy who needs to get approval for their relationships with his beautiful girlfriend. Her family doesn’t like our main hero because he is a beginner musician, while her father is a professional rock singer and her mother is a gorgeous artist.

And during the process he will meet various characters, frightening monsters and even ghosts that want to challenge him to the music contest. With your help he will even transfer to the pixel computer game. There he needs to battle the popular Senpai to discover the scary secret our girl’s dad hides. And after all these powerful opponents, Boyfriend meets the strongest one on week 7. Try to beat Tankman – the personage from the popular series with the help of your new friend.

The FNF mechanics are simple. Follow the arrows over your head and hit the right notes in time to play. Every level has 3 songs that you need to pass to beat your enemy. FNF has 3 difficulty levels and the special mode where you can just try various songs without going by the plot. Pay attention to the line in the center of your screen. Press the right button in time and your icon will move closer to your adversary’s side.

If your opponent fully gets to your side, you lose. Use WASD combination or your arrows keys to press the right button and get to the finish. On the hard difficulty the speed of the songs will increase, so train your dexterity and velocity in the free mode.

Show all your skills to get to the last levels and see the ending of the story. And have fun in the process!