Friday Night Funkin Creator

Because the original code of Friday Night Funkin was released together with this exciting product, the huge variety of various cool mods appeared on the Internet. And you are here to test one of the funniest and most fascinating versions of this game.

The main characters in Friday Night Funkin Creator didn’t change. You play as a beginner rap artist – the blue-haired boy named Boyfriend who was challenged to the music competition by his girlfriend’s father. He refuses to give approval for their relationships, and our guy needs to win against all his opponents in this 7 weeks music battle.

The enemies here are all powerful and popular singers. For example, her dad and mom, who you saw in the funny memes on social media, are famous artists. And the Lemon Demon and his assistants look very frightening, especially in the Ena skinpack. This drawing style is unique and simple, so you will like it.

Pay attention to the arrows over your character’s head and press the necessary keys in time to hit the right notes. Every level has 3 songs that you need to perform and win to beat your adversary. And the big number of weeks, different difficulty levels and modes won’t let you get bored.

Cool remixes, dynamic songs and interesting personages with their stories – everything that is waiting for the experienced rap artist like you here.