Friday Night Funkin Multiplayer

Wanted to try this dynamic game with your friends? This new mod allows you to play together and arrange cool and exciting rap battles. Call your friends, grab your microphone and start Friday Night Funkin Multiplayer.

Create a server where you can battle together or fight with the original characters. Choose the personage to play. The main hero of the story in Friday Night Funkin is the blue-haired boy named Boyfriend. He was challenged to the music competition by his girl’s father. He needs to win the contest to gain trust and receive approval for their relationships. And in the process he wants to improve his skills to become a professional rap artist in the future.

But the battle continued even after he beat her father, because he didn’t want to accept his failure. He hires the scary monster who wants to get a delicious meal, so he sends his assistants to the rap competition. Suddenly they decide that the girl is a tastier meal than the average rapper. Help the couple stay together and fight with various powerful enemies.

Remember the controls. Use your arrow keys and WASD buttons to follow the notes of the song they sing right now. Hit the necessary arrow in time and stay till the end of the song. Your failures make your enemy closer to the victory, so do not relax. According to the difficulty level the songs will speed up, so you need to show all your skills.

In the multiplayer game your screen is separated into two parts, so you and your friend need to follow the arrows over your characters’ heads. And watch the line in the center that shows your progress in the certain level. Stay 7 weeks with various enemies or enjoy the process in free mode together.

Prepare your fingers, because the battle is going to be tough and dynamic. Relish your leisure together in this Friday Night Funkin version on this site.