Skid and Pump

Among other rhythm games, this one is the most popular and cool because of the interesting plot, various personages, including the characters from the other famous products and the dynamic process. Friday Night Funkin has the average cartoon graphics, so you have the opportunity to try this version on various devices. So, press the start button and meet the main heroes of this love story.

The main character – Boyfriend is in love with his beautiful girlfriend and builds fantastic plans for their future. He dreams of becoming a professional rap artist, and his girl is going to help him. But her strict parents appear on their way. They don’t want Boyfriend near their daughter, so the dad challenges him to the music contest.

The battle is going to be difficult and exciting because her father is a popular musician. And even after his failure, he won’t stop. He calls the frightening Lemon Demon to come capture Boyfriend for his meal. But suddenly the monster decides that Girlfriend is tastier and sends his two assistants – Skid and Pump to get her to his table.

Here we meet two strange kids monsters. Beat Skid and then, go for the second brother. Pump is also a strong opponent despite looking like the average hooligan. The mechanics in Friday Night Funkin are simple. You need to follow the arrows that are located over your head and press the necessary buttons to hit the notes in time.

To play, use your WASD buttons or arrow keys and watch the order of the notes. You have 7 weeks and 3 different funkin songs in every level that you need to perform with your opponents. Also, Friday Night Funkin has 3 difficulty levels and the free mode, so you can train your skills to beat the bosses in the final weeks.

Get to the end and discover various secrets her family hides. Meet different characters and battle with them. And enjoy your pastime!